English Courses in England

Learning English in England is a dream for many. This is the time to improve your fluency, listening and accuracy on a top English language course.

This is your opportunity to speak English!

There are large discounts on long-term stays. How much time can you stay in England?

LANACOS is here to help, we are different.

Phone, complete the form below or email now, you will benefit from our personal and professional language service.

Thank you very much for helping me to improve my English. I’ve enjoyed all the time I have spent here in England. In my opinion, everybody should live this experience at least once in their lifetime.


The emphasis of the English language courses is on learning in good authentic English-speaking locations where the teachers are fully qualified and able to help you learn quickly and effectively. It could be London, Kent, Sussex, Dorset, Devon, Cambridge or Oxford. Do you want to make maximum progress in minimum time?

You can stay with good English host families or independent student apartments if you are on a budget. The main thing is you own the language and feel confident communicating in many different situations.

About English

nearly 400 million native speakers

4 times more people speak it as a foreign language

official language in 67 countries

Global language of business, Internet & media

think England, think…

  • English language
  • William Shakespeare
  • Beautiful countryside
  • London
  • The Beatles & Rolling Stones


Events to enjoy

Music festivals & concerts

Top football matches

Theatre seasons

Annual pageants

Christmas traditions