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Best Arabic Courses

Do the best Arabic courses. You will save time, money and effort. By learning Arabic abroad, you can perfect techniques and speak the Arabic language with confidence.

Whether you are interested in Modern Standard Arabic or Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, these language courses in Egypt are a must to learn the language properly and interact in different real-life situations.

Dear LANACOS team, I had a great time in Cairo, very good teachers, receptionists are extremely helpful. 100% friendly, excellent teaching. Hinako

With lots of dialects in the Middle East and north Africa, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the spoken lingua franca, while the written word is similar all over. With LANACOS, you can combine a course of MSA and dialect as well as learning to read and write the language. Tried and tested courses are the the way you will be guaranteed progress and, with LANACOS, this is a given.

about Arabic

Arabic is written العَرَبِيَّة‎‎

many dialects from Morocco to Iraq

420+ million speakers (native & non-native)

Written Modern Standard Arabic from Quran

think Egypt, think…

  • startling ancient civilisation
  • special river Nile & Suez canal
  • bounty of Pharaohs & Pyramids
  • delicious vegetarian food to savour
  • unsurpassed tourist sites
  • magical mix of cultures

Events to enjoy


Eid el Fitr

Sham en Nisim

Cairo International Film Festival