Best Portuguese courses

Portuguese Courses Abroad

Be different, voyage to the setting sun and get to know the people with LANACOS on the best Portuguese courses.  Therfore, learn Portuguese where the experience is guaranteed to be authentic, enjoyable and effective.

So many people visit Portugal and Brazil as a tourist but rarely discover the country behind the facade. Travel further and relish a Portuguese residential course in the sun!

I’ve always wanted to become competent in a foreign language so I’ve decided to carry on and do this course. Richard

If you want to master the language, then there is no substitute for going to a Portuguese-speaking country and being taught by qualified professionals. The experience broadens your horizons and gives you the confidence to speak and interact. You will be amazed how much you can learn and how quickly on a LANACOS language programme.

about Portuguese

over 215 million native speakers

second-fastest growing European language

World business language

Phonetically challenging

think Portugal & Brazil, think…

  • fantastic fado, samba, bossa nova
  • sensational transatlantic culture
  • fascinating history of voyage & discovery
  • gastronomic bonanza from fish to meat
  • endless pristine coastline
  • rare, exotic  & unsurpassed landscapes

Events to enjoy

Brazilian Mardi Gras

Black & White Porto festival

Lisbon Carnival

Music and Film festivals