Chinese Courses in China

Most participants on the Chinese courses want the language for business and work reasons so it is important to make your money goes further. Some only want working knowledge as their time is limited. What are your priorities?

LANACOS can offer work experience and great stays with specially-selected hosts or independent apartments depending on your individual requirements. We can tailor your Chinese course to suit your linguistic needs, budget and time frame.

I’m definitely going to China and was planning to learn Chinese for about 6-12 weeks. I’m planning to go again for a longer time.


This your opportunity to really learn and speak Mandarin Chinese: 官话. It is not easy especially if you are not used to Chinese characters and different tones. However with LANACOS, you will receive help before arrival in China. We will check to see if you are ready to learn and master a great language from a great civilisation. Choose fascinating language locations like Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and Suzhou. Most courses are for 18+. For younger students we offer special summer camps on a safe and secure campus.

about Chinese

Nearly one billion native speakers

4000 Chinese characters to learn

4 different tones

subject–verb–object is typical order


think China, think…

  • ancient civilisation
  • startling business opportunities
  • unique historical sites
  • amazing variety of food
  • incredible travel options

Events to enjoy

Chinese Lunar New Year

Dragon Boat Festival

First of May

Lantern Festival