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An invaluable service for the motivated Language Learner

Established in 1993 by top linguists, LANACOS® is a professional language service – with its own world-recognised registered mark. It is a world-famous and well-respected brand leader who looks after your interests before, during and after the language stay abroad.

This unique service is invaluable – giving you peace of mind and inside knowledge of language courses and their locations. We have been offering a professional, secure and friendly service for more than 25 years.


Love Language Learning Ltd the company owns the LANACOS® brand is a reliable and independent source of language courses around the world.

Learn it in the country where they speak it, with activities or sport.

Variety and experience

We are language consultants offering individuals, students, businesses, mature learners, teachers and organisations independent advice on language courses abroad. It could be French in France, English in England, Spanish in Spain or Latin America, Chinese in China, German in Germany or Austria, Italian in Italy, Portuguese in Portugal or Brazil, Japanese in Japan.

There is a wide yet exclusive range to choose from. Course prices are better value and more effective abroad (in the target language country), than in your home country.

The LANACOS service offers inquirers quick personal quotes and free information on language learning on location. Our unique language experience in 20+ countries is extremely effective. Course, activity and accommodation are reserved to individual requirements.

Leisure and business activities can include language sessions with cooking, tennis, dancing, concerts, golf, cultural excursions, business negotiating, football, skiing and wine-tasting.

Bookmark our website and our special offers as well us contacting us whenever you want.

“To learn a language you have to really live and experience the language”

is such a common-sense maxim, that language learners can follow three possible routes:

  1. Give up learning the language in their home country
  2. Simply go abroad and receive no quality instruction or attention
  3. Use the LANACOS service to go abroad, learn a language properly and make the most of their time and budget
If you don’t believe in our commitment to you, take a look at some of our feedback and testimonials. Check the website and imagine where your language is going.

No one language centre or group of language centres can provide the independent in-depth advice and range of courses that LANACOS provides. Remember you only have one or two opportunities in your lifetime to learn a language, don’t leave it to chance. Make the intelligent choice and contact LANACOS now.


I have found the placement to be very interesting and relevant.

The staff are very kind and always sympathetic when I don’t understand something.


I am just emailing to say thank you very much for organising my trip to Nice last month – it was really beneficial, my French has improved a great deal, and I had a fantastic time.

Thank you very much again.



Location was ideal, very big hotel with good quality food at buffet so all students ate well and had a good choice.
Rooms were all close by and teachers could monitor them.
10 minute walk from hotel to language school.
Very professional and friendly staff, well-balanced programme and pitched at right level and age group.


“The limits of your language are the limits of your world”

We welcome you to the real world of languages.

Enjoy the Trip and start your language journey here where it gets exciting!

Dr Martin Pickett MCIL

The online advice service to improve your learning experience.

For complete confidence choose the LANACOS® service and formula.