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Start speaking a foreign language early

Young learners – fun activities and great company

Make new friends

Love Languages

Become bilingual

Have fun learning

Safe & secure locations

Develop international life skills

Exclusive Language Locations

Immerse yourself in diverse cultures as we take you to the best and most fascinating language locations and cultural heritage sites. Firstly, get to know great cities, explore hidden treasures and see how learning languages on location is fun, authentic and effective. This is a trip abroad with a difference. LANACOS  tailors your course, accommodation and activities to suit you.


Thank you very much for organising my trip last month – it was really beneficial, my French has improved a great deal, and I had a fantastic time. Thomas

Safety and well being

Parents can rest assured your children from 7 to 17 years old will learn the language in a safe and secure environment abroad.

Because we work tirelessly to make sure our young learners interact with children of similar age and participate in activities be they sporty or cultural. Hence, we have organised, arranged and assisted in such residential language camps for over 25 years, even our children have been on the courses!

Above all we know children want adventure and parents demand safety.

Improve confidence speaking & socialising

Going on a residential course with the right preparation, is a great way to boost a young learner’s confidence and self-esteem. Challenging their habitual home comforts and everyday routines, learning the language abroad helps every individual become more independent, responsible and tolerant to others. These courses are valid for Duke of Edinburgh award residential courses.

Multilingual children on the courses gain a real advantage over their contemporaries who stay at home and remain monolingual. There is more to explore with LANACOS and you will develop life skills as well as the spoken language.

Have fun and develop language fluency

Your children will not only learn to speak in the foreign language but also make friends with children of similar age from all over the world, creating a wonderful experience and great memories for life.

Tell us what is important to you so we can secure the right price in the right location. Places are subject to availability.  Benefit from personal help and real people who know what it is really like to learn a language. Enjoy the easy consultation process by using the button below.

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