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Your perfect course – what language learning can really be!

Unfulfilled Dreams

Love Languages

Need a break?

Chance of a lifetime

Speak and live the culture

Experience the authentic

Maximum progress in minimum time!

Exclusive Language Locations

Immerse yourself in diverse cultures as we take you to the best and most fascinating language locations and cultural heritage sites. Get to know great cities, explore hidden treasures and see how learning languages on location is fun, authentic and effective. This is a trip abroad with a difference. LANACOS  tailors your course, accommodation and activities to suit you.

A good insight into the culture, heritage and way of life! The self-catering flat was absolutely amazing –  the best place I have ever stayed in, and I have travelled quite a bit around the world! Julien

Need a break?

Maybe you have started learning the language and are not benefiting from being in the country or you just want to learn a new language. Well this is your chance to take a well deserved break with LANACOS so you combine language learning with activities on holiday – all done in the target language.

Maximum progress in minimum time!

So how will you make this language progress?

  1. Contact LANACOS and discuss your language background & motivation
  2. Let LANACOS advise and give you the benefit of decades of language research and know-how
  3. Determine the best language location for you within your time and budget constraints

With LANACOS, dreams can come true…

We will paint a true picture of what you can learn and where you will go. We give you expert independent advice so that you can rest confident before, during and after your residential language course. From LANACOS you can expect:

  • Free level check oral and written
  • User-friendly application and reservation process
  • Money back guarantee
  • Complete language programme with structured sessions
  • with qualified friendly teachers
  • Unbeatable range of accommodation: residences, B&B, host families, studio apartments with ensuite facilities

Speak and live the culture

Remember you can enjoy art, culture and food or combine your stay with sporting activities. LANACOS has the intelligence and the expertise to make the dream a reality. You are guaranteed a tailored service ensuring that you will benefit from social interactive fluency courses on location.

Be prepared to be amazed and experience exclusive programmes to improve speaking, listening and pronunciation with structured sessions to make maximum progress in minimum amount of time.

Experience the authentic & get ready to go

The unique LANACOS service will enable you to go to the right place for the right priceExplore unbelievable UNESCO sites, visit surrounding islands, and taste great food and drink at a place to suit you.

Send us your wishlist, motivation and language background. Benefit from personal help and real people who know what it is really like to learn a language. Enjoy the easy reservation process by using the button below.

The online advice service to improve your learning experience.

For complete confidence choose the LANACOS® service and formula.