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Immerse yourself in diverse cultures as we take you to the best and most fascinating language locations and cultural heritage sites. Get to know great cities, explore hidden treasures and see how learning languages on location is fun, authentic and effective. This is a trip abroad with a difference. LANACOS  tailors your course, accommodation and activities to suit you.


Extend your stay whenever you want

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  • how to learn a foreign language, the smart way
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  • flexible travel solutions for students on a budget

What will you discover this year?


The staff and other students were very friendly, as were my hosts. I improved my language and had fun at the same time!

I felt it was worth every penny. I had an awesome time. Keep going with what you are doing so that others can experience what I did!


Challenge yourself!

  • get out there!
  • test your limits
  • explore more
  • speak & eat local
  • experience the real!


Action speaks louder than words

The time is right for an unforgettable language course with a name you can trust.

Imagine being in the country, speaking and living the experience. These days most students come with their smartphones and linked to the Internet, LANACOS language courses abroad reflect this reality so language centres and accommodation have broadband and wifi-access to help students thrive.

The teaching is modern, conversation-based and completely interactive where you mix with multinational students. At the same time you can add written exam or work experience and volunteer modules to your tailor-made programme.

From digital texts, to recording to games, to taking photos. We study, think and act faster than ever thanks to technology, there are new innovative programmes that reflect the gamification of language learning.

Cloud technology allows learning materials to be shared via any device. We can help you before, during and after your stay. You can stay connected with family and friends while discovering new frontiers!

Amazing accommodation & activities

We also arrange accommodation for you if you want at good student prices whether you want to stay in a student residence or a specially-selected and dedicated host families with different meal plans to suit your dietary requirements.

Superb social activities are a great chance for you to make friends from over 100 countries and find more about the world we live in. Activities include sports, dance, clubs, musicals, drama, art, cooking and more!

Look and you will see the difference!

Remember, LANACOS gives you:

  1. user-friendly application & reservation process
  2. unbeatable range of accommodation options
  3. complete language programme with qualified staff

Learning made easy

  • socialise during the day and at night
  • freedom to explore
  • complete peace of mind


What are you waiting for?


Let LANACOS help you choose from its inspiring locations and global coverage.

  • Benefit from our superior benefits and know how.
  • Our notion of success is determined by the success of our students, so try us now!
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