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Teachers – foreign language immersion

EU funding to travel abroad on holiday!

Tailored solutions

Career enhancement

maximum progress in minimum time!

Speak and live the culture

Your school may already have the funding or you may want to self-fund the course.

You choose! The main thing you are a guaranteed a language experience tailored to your level and teaching background.

Exclusive Language Locations

Take the strain out of the application process and your busy school schedule, LANACOS will help you throughout and reserve courses for teachers in the most fascinating of language locations.

See how perfecting foreign languages in a European location is enjoyable, authentic and effective. LANACOS guarantees you personal service for your course, activities and accommodation.

Whether you want CPD to improve an existing language or learn a new one, we make the process easy, certified and user-friendly so go for the LANACOS language course abroad now!

It was a great course.

I will certainly be singing the praises of LANACOS at my school and would like to thank you personally for all of the assistance and guidance that you gave me in finding this course. Michael

Benefit from expert help

Language course: from beginner to advanced with the options of methodology lessons, shadowing in local schools etc.

Cultural lessons and activities: combine language with specific areas of culture which can be of specific and direct use in their classrooms to enhance the students’ learning experiences and outcomes, eg. Dance lessons, cookery lessons etc

Maybe your school could benefit from?

Switch training: secondary schools finding a declining demand for French and increasing demand for Spanish can apply for their French teachers to take Spanish language courses so that they can begin to teach Spanish in the future.

Tailored to your career

Non-native speaker language teachers: advanced language courses combined with methodology lessons or teacher observations.

Courses for CLIL: teachers of other subjects in bi-lingual, International and IB schools needing to teach in a foreign language.

Drama or Dance: you can combine Roleplays, Flamenco or Salsa classes with language course, enhancing skills plus cultural understanding.

Adminstrative staff: those involved in international projects, exchanges etc or dealing with multi-cultural/lingual students.

Do you organise school trips abroad? – ask for free info pack below.

Erasmus+ mobilities

Benefit with LANACOS to study at European language schools with all costs fully covered, including flights!

For many years LANACOS and Europe have operated a system of funding to encourage the mobility of students and, to a more limited extent, teachers and other adults. You may have heard of Erasmus, Comenius, Leonardo, Grundtvig which were all associated with separate funding streams for different sectors of education: students, teachers, vocational training and life-long learning.

This has now all been brought together under the name Erasmus+.

Background, history & some stats on EU funding

The overall budget across Europe for Erasmus+ in 2014 was € 2bn and, for the complete 2014-2020 period, a staggering total of €14.7bn. In 2014, 650,000 people – students, teachers, administrators – participated in E+ mobility projects. Many of these went on intensive language learning courses at top language schools. Do you and your school want to apply for this funding?

Even with this number of projects, many schools and teachers, even in countries such as the UK, Norway, Sweden and Germany, seem to know very little about the programme, how it works and the benefits it can offer, especially to teachers and through them to their students. LANACOS is here to help and give free advice.

Attention all Teachers!

Teachers of languages and any other subject can take language courses abroad from beginner level to advanced level in expert private sector language schools in the EU. Everything is paid for: flights, course, accommodation and food. Intensive language programmes can be from 1-8 weeks duration and can be taken repeatedly in consecutive years to enable teachers to make considerable linguistic progress.

Myths and assumptions

  • Erasmus+ is only for students- WRONG: it’s for students, teachers and administrative workers in education.
  • it’s only for language teachers and with a high level: NO – it is for all teachers of any subjects who need to teach in another language or who are involved in international projects. A teacher who is a beginner in a language can take a basic beginners course.
  • It’s only for state sector education, not private: NOT TRUE – students, teachers and staff from private or state sectors of education can apply for programmes in private or state schools, universities or educational institutions. There is no discrimination against the private sector either as senders or hosting organisations.

Real advantages to going abroad

By enabling teachers to improve and enhance their skill levels and to become more relevant to the changing demand of their student body, the Erasmus+ programme aims to improve student outcomes across Europe. Teachers gain enormously from the possibility of studying at top language schools, something that was previously only possible for their richer students. An additional bonus is that by increasing teacher and student mobility and thus implicitly a better understanding of the different peoples and cultures of Europe, it serves to avoid national mis-understandings and enhances harmony.

To maximise the take up of these fantastic language opportunities for teachers, LANACOS has the know how to help schools and overworked head teachers in presenting applications with a high probability of success.

How the EU funding works

Individual teachers can no longer apply individually. Applications must be made by the sending school’s management, either the head teacher or a nominated department head or project manager. This person has to create a 2-year training programme to include, and explain and justify the inclusion, of all staff that the school wishes to send on a language course (mobility programme). This training programme must be in line with Erasmus+ priorities and, most importantly, the stated medium and long-term objectives of the sending schools.

There is a Europe-wide call for project applications each year with a closing deadline around the end of January. Projects are then given approval (or not) by May/June of the same year and projects can start within a few days.

What is your next move?

The paperwork is fairly complicated and schools can miss out on gaining funding by ticking a wrong box or using incorrect terminology. This is where consultancy from LANACOS, experts in the organisation and presentation of Erasmus+ applications, can help overloaded head teachers in the preparation of applications and give them a much higher chance of gaining funding for their teachers.

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