Best French courses in France

French Courses in France

Experience the best French courses in France. The great opportunity to speak French you have in France is that you have a variety of regions and settings to choose from. It could be a metropolitan or a rural area.

It is in your interests to go to a French language location that suits you best and has a proven track record. Check and contact LANACOS for your next move.

Our experience in France was tremendous. We had 20 hours of class a week, the teachers had a wide variety of materials, wonderful lesson plans and ideas. We made lifelong friends! Erin

France enjoys so many contrasts and top destinations from Paris to Nice, ProvenceLoire Valley to Lyonthe Alps to Montpellier. Whether you want to savour the gastronomic delights or taste the wealth of wines, France offers you both pristine beaches and spectacular countryside. In France, you will benefit from the authentic, speaking and perfecting techniques in a sensational pot pourri of culture.

Consider such tremendous French cities and towns to understand how France has influenced world culture and history. With LANACOS, you can stay for 1 to 50 weeks, assured a fulfilling and productive time with a certain je ne sais quoi!

About French

nearly 300 million speakers

17 vowel sounds

official language in 29 countries

Global language from Vulgar Latin

Legacy in Diplomacy, Fashion, Cooking, Sport

think France, think…

  • outstanding cuisine
  • enormously rich culture
  • pioneering cinema
  • innovative industries
  • paragon of modernity
  • tremendous history
  • global leader of art, science & philosophy

Events to enjoy

Bastille Day

VE Day

Cannes Film Festival

Tour de France

Regattas and sports events

All year theatre