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Learn Greek on best language courses in Greece for now and the future. By learning the language properly in situ, you can establish your Greek fluency for the long term.

Whether you are interested in Modern or Ancient Greece, Greek courses in Greece are a must to learn the language properly and feel confident in different situations.

The two weeks’ language study more than met my expectations and made me realise how vital is the environment in learning a language. Although it was concentrated study, I found every moment stimulating and enjoyable. The only regret – that I could have stayed for two more weeks. Staying with a family was also an important factor and contributed in an improvement in speaking and understanding Greek. Thank you LANACOS. Catherine

Modern Greek is different from Classical Greek in terms of morphology & syntax, but naturally this living language has its roots in the Ancient Greek Civilisation. With LANACOS, you can combine a course of Modern and Ancient Greek, if you want. Alternatively, simply focus on Greek speaking courses. There is a lot of crossover from the past so by living in this fascinating country with its vibrant culture you will never be short of conversation with real Greek people!

about Greek

Modern Greek is ελληνικά

simple system of five vowels

24 letters of the alphabet from Aα to Ωω

For most learners, it takes about X hours to learn.

Think Greece, think…

  • ancient civilisation
  • vibrant culture
  • philosophy & learning
  • delicious healthy diet
  • full of music
  • amazing tourist sites

Events to enjoy

Orthodox Easter

Athens Festival

Patrino Karnavali

Thessaloniki Film Festival