Russian courses in Russia

Make a move to Russia where you will be able to experience the enigma that is Russia doing the best Russian courses in Russia.

Because learning the Russian language with the locals and expert teachers is the best way to understand the complex language as well as the enigmatic Russian soul of the people.

Thank you again for all your personal help as well in getting my course sorted – as I said in the feedback, it was a brilliant experience all round! Simone

Therefore, no matter the weather, you will receive a warm Russian welcome with LANACOS in Moscow, St Petersburg, Riga or Siberia! Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner of the Russian language, you certainly will find each day of your course illuminating. You will understand why the Russians say 1 million and 1 is singular in number!

about Russian

144 million native speakers

second-most used language on the Internet

33 Cyrillic letters

Most used Slavic language

think Russia, think…

  • wealth of world literature
  • unique history & culture
  • largest country stretching 8000 km
  • sub-arctic to subtropical climate
  • pioneers in space and science
  • revolutionary music and dance


Orthodox Christmas



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