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The Cosmopolitan Club

  • mix and interact using your languages & travel knowledge

  • personal contact to multilingual staff to help you succeed

  • unique knowledge of learning languages & work opportunities

Have you used LANACOS in the past?

Well if you already know, the Club is a network of individuals interested in travel and learning.

The club is exclusive and only open to those members who qualify. There are great benefits in terms of extra advice, special offers and social networking.

Joining this exclusive club is by invitation only.

Special seminars on offer

With LANACOS, you are guaranteed:

  • Clear thinking
  • no bias – no ads
  • book with confidence!

Being reliable and professional, we have the experience and expertise of language learning to help you.

If you don’t already, add your membership of the Cosmopolitan Club to your CV!

Independent & trustworthy feedback

If you have lost touch, then feel free to contact LANACOS and we can tell you when our next get-together is or the next language clinic.

The club is truly cosmopolitan and multinational, we have members from over 40 countries (including, UK, US, Chile, Spain, France, Germany, Nigeria, Japan, China, Venezuela, Italy, Peru, Argentina, Poland, Australia and Russia).

The independent and methodical way, we run LANACOS, makes the Cosmopolitan Club a real asset. Any ideas from members on how to improve the bespoke service are always gratefully received.

What I liked best was LANACOS personalised touch. They listened to my needs and suggested schools accordingly. Very open and honest about costs. Other agents I spoke to were not willing to be up front about their commission hence not giving full details of courses. Claire

The online advice service to improve your learning experience.

For complete confidence choose the LANACOS® service and formula.

How Cosmopolitan are you?

Do you remember using the LANACOS service over the last 26 years?

We would love to hear from you in any language.

Where have you been?

Tell us about your favourite locations and language courses around the world.