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As each day comes, so more news arrives. We have delayed this newsletter and amended terms on a number of occasions!

Rest assured LANACOS has been busy organising, re-arranging and deferring courses so that our present and future language learners know that their security and health are our highest priority. We will not panic or give lame excuses.

What we can do – is find solutions so you don’t lose out! For example help with alternative start dates, travel plans, change of accommodation or location. All you have to do is ask and many have. LANACOS is here to help.

Not only are there health implications but travel disruption is ubiquitous. So we know that probably now – more than ever – you need LANACOS and will benefit from our flexible personal no-nonsense approach.

Terms and conditions extremely flexible

Temporary cancellation terms for COVID-19: important clarification

In light of the challenges facing all of us during the current COVID-19 pandemic, we at LANACOS have decided to offer the most flexible terms possible to our clients now and in the future.

Following a number of queries this month, we promise the following:

1. Bookings received before 10 March 2020

Clients defer their booking for as long as they like: no rebooking date is required. We will retain their fees on account. Invoices must still be paid four weeks before their new dates of arrival.

2. Bookings received after 10 March 2020

Clients who applied for their course after 10 March may cancel their enrollment at any time, with no cancellation charges applied.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Martin and the LANACOS team directly with any questions whatsoever. You know we have the personal touch.

Courses online

Because of the latest disruption to travel and language centre closures, we have come up with some innovative technological solutions.

From online courses in different languages to language coaching and webinars, we help you make the most of your free time and money. Ask for more details.