Best Italian courses in Italy

Italian Courses in Italy

This is the time to experience the best Italian Courses and the Dolce Vita by living in the country while improving your fluency. Speak and live the Italian language. Liberate yourself from lonely self-learning technology and socialise. Step into the real Italy and experience Italian on location.

I found your language service very helpful. The website is very informative, staff very helpful and liaise well with the language school. This is the 3rd time I have used LANACOS to book a course and I would do so again in the future. Helen

Travel your own Grand Tour of Italy with LANACOS by visiting great historical monuments and wondrous works of art. Think about Bologna, Rome, Genoa, Florence, Milan, Venice, Ravenna, Naples and the Amalfi Coast or Sicily. Expect to learn and speak Italian in many different situations and locations (two weeks here, two weeks there, stay longer if you want). One moment you will be savouring the regional delicacies, next you will have an excursion to an incredible cultural treasure. By the end of the day, you can relax with a good glass of wine (or two) and understand why Italian in Italy is so much easier than learning in your home country.

about Italian

major European language for culture & business

typically only 21 letters used

language of the Arts & Design

operatic musical language

rich heritage & full of dialect

think Italy, think…

  • excellent art treasures on show
  • colossal Roman heritage to admire
  • remarkable Renaissance history
  • gastronomic variety & quality
  • unparalleled style & fashion
  • from coast to mountains, enormous contrasts

Events to enjoy


Venice Carnival

City Saint’s Day feste

Film Festivals

Operatic Extravaganzas