Spanish Courses in Latin America

Hands up who wants to learn and speak Spanish on the best Spanish courses in America? With LANACOS, you have a choice of colourful countries to choose from (Argentina to Cuba, Columbia to Chile, Peru to Mexico). Combine the latest locations with LANACOS and prepare for a language journey of a lifetime!

Thank you so much for your assistance! It was so good to speak with you and work out the details of my time before arriving in South America. Lizzy

Remember Latin America covers a vast area with different people’s histories and culture. Can you imagine yourself speaking Spanish fast? LANACOS offers you outstanding Spanish language course in South America at an amazing price.

Avoid the “gringo trail”! There are too many tourist traps and occasions when you will find yourself stuck in an English-speaking (and false) environment. This will not help your castellano. Have you thought about the  best Spanish courses in Argentina or Columbia? In fact, if you go with a group of English speakers you can expect your Spanish skills to remain very low indeed (so our groups are mixed nationalities). Even if someone offers you one-to-one tuition, you need to be in a Spanish-speaking environment where the people you come into contact will speak Spanish.

about American Spanish

400 million + in the Americas

world lingua franca

attractive regional differences

unique wealth of literature

new words & “modismos”

think America, think…

  • amazing adventure of a lifetime
  • rich Andean culture
  • undiscovered ethnic diversity
  • mammoth modern cities
  • terrific ancient treasures
  • love of music & rhythm

Events to enjoy

Multiple Fiestas

Special Saints’ Days

Independence Days

Easter celebrations