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This is the most important question. It involves MOTIVATION and personal circumstances. There has to be a good reason to start and then it may develop into something more established.

Possible reasons:-

  1. World travel, live abroad, work abroad
  2. Common interests, dance, cooking, sports
  3. Better career opportunities, companies do not want to train staff, they want multilingual individuals
  4. Business opportunities (corporate and individual image)
  5. Personal enrichment (new perspective on your own language and culture, contact with other people, their language and culture, get to know the culture from the inside).

For many people, English is the main international language. It helps them travel, communicate with foreigners and gives them advantages in their future careers. In addition, it is fashionable and a way of understanding modern pop culture, music, cinema etc.

English is an international language but it is not the international language. More people in the world don’t speak English than speak it!

We live in a multilingual market place. The more languages you know the easier it is to travel and do business.